Why Travertine Tiles

Travertine Tiles

Tumbled and Unfilled

There are two types of finishes in Travertine. The first is tumbled and unfilled, this stone paver has been tumbled with small stones to give an authentic antique look and the small holes in the Travertine have been left unfilled. This type of Travertine is usually specified for exterior/outdoor applications.

Honed and Filled

The second type is honed and filled, meaning the surface has been honed to a satin finish and the small holes have been filled. This type of travertine is usually specified in covered external areas, including gazebos and internal areas, including bathrooms flooring & walling tiles.

French Pattern

Travertine is available in rectangular and square shapes, as well as a “french pattern” format. With French pattern the tiles are cut in various sizes and fit together in an attractive pattern. This pattern is available in a standard format and a “jumbo” format. At Edwards we have chosen the “jumbo” format as it tends to have clean lines (not busy) and looks most attractive in larger areas. The “Jumbo” format costs a little more than the standard pattern due to the oversized tiles used in the pattern.

Outdoor Pavers and Indoor Tiles

We recommend 30mm thick travertine for exterior projects and high wear areas. The 12mm Travertine tiles are used when there are height restrictions on the project. This thinner Travertine tile is also suitable for pool surrounds, however a 30mm thick tile should be used as a coping tile for both strength and aesthetic reasons.

At Edwards Slate & Stone we stock three different colours of Travertine, Classico, Beige and Silver. We also stock Travertine drop face for pool surrounds and step treads, as well as bullnose tiles.

Premium Grade Travertine From Turkey

Our Travertine is sourced directly from a family owned quarry in Turkey. Our close relationship with the quarry owners helps us to select a variation of Travertine that “stone lovers” really appreciate. This is important as Travertine varies enormously in density, size of the holes in the stone and colour. It is normal practice for the quarries to grade the stone according to its characteristics prior to export, (more compact and dense stone with smaller holes is charged at a higher rate).
Therefore it is important, when selecting Travertine, to relate quality with price. At Edwards Slate & Stone we hold large stocks of Travertine and invite inspection of the stock prior to purchase.