Travertine Paving Stone Silver for Walk Path

Travertine Paving Stone Silver – Walk Path

There is a lot to be said for tiling around the side of your home.

Apart from keeping the area neat, it reduces maintenance and weeding. Our Parkdale, Victoria, Australia customer also noted there was significantly less house work as little soil was being tracked into the home.

This Turkish silver travertine paving stone in 610mmx406mmx30mm really helps make the area attractive.

Travertine and Tufa

The terms tufa and travertine are sometimes used interchangeably, but geologists usually call the dense variety travertine, and the spongy variety tufa. Travertine is a pale honey colour, often with delicate banding. Many sculptors have used it as an easier-to-carve alternative to marble, and it is also cut into slabs and made into polished floors. The most famous travertine is Roman travertine, which gave the rock its name.